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Month: June 2017

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine:: Strapping Machine

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Box Stretch wrapping machine is a machine to reduce the handwork in packaging industries, is a flexible product, significantly execute with small to medium sized boxes, books, carton boxes, pharmaceutical products, food and beverages and all other similar geometry products in an elfin time.

Box stretch wrapping machine is an advantageous and economical alternative for wrapping the identical shaped boxes together by utilizing pre extend film.

Box stretch wrapping machine is a perfect option for light weight and medium boxes that can be dealt with physically. The pneumatic top plate prepared in the box stretch wrapping machine guarantees security during packaging and controlled pre stretch unit extend the film before the application guaranteed cost decrease.

Features of Box Stretch Wrapping Machine:

➣ High Speed
➣ Perfect finishing
➣ Easy to operate
➣ Economical
➣ Low cost Operation
➣ Save Manpower
➣ Greater Performance

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine: Strapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine give far reaching arrangement related the packing machinery, Packaging machinery, Packaging tools and packaging materials present a pallet stretch wrapping machine, used in the packaging industries for wrapping pallets and high cube containers to keep from clean, dampness and aperture.

The fully automatic pallet strapping machine can be intensified with a mechanization line to accomplish work less operation and massive packaging; whereas the semi automatic is a proper choice for little to medium estimated ventures.

The wide affirmation of our pallet strapping machine for its perfect and precise strapping is a confirmation of our predominance in pallet strapping machine.

Basic feature of Pallet Strapping machine:

Better performance
Reduce the labor cost
Sturdy Construction
Superior tightness
Low Maintenance